Darwin Security Gates and Barriers

Gates and Barriers

Gates are not only an attractive addition to many homes and businesses but they have the added benefit of keeping the premises secure. It is essential that electric gates are fitted professionally to ensure they do not pose a risk to users. At Darwin Security we offer a wide range of gates and barriers all fitted by our expert team of experienced professionals.

Darwin Security - Swing Gate System

Swing gate system

Swing gates come in a variety of finishes and styles and are an attractive security option for both residential and business premises. Electronically controlled they provide an excellent way of restricting access to your property. Quality products and installation are paramount to ensure the gates operate effectively and safely.

  • restrict and monitor access to your premises
  • variety of styles available
  • expertly installed
  • peace of mind
  • reliable technology
Darwin Security - Sliding Gate System

Sliding gate system

For those who do not have the room for swing gates, sliding gates offer an excellent alternative. They are perfect for residential and business premises and enable the user to restrict and monitor access to a property. Quality products and installation are paramount to ensure the gates operate effectively and safely.

  • secure
  • reliable electronic technology
  • expertly installed
  • peace of mind
  • monitor visitors accessing and leaving your property
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Darwin Security - Over Ground Operators

Overground operators

Housing the electrical components above ground makes maintenance simple and easy. Our experienced engineers can install a wide range of hydraulic and electro-mechanical operators to ensure your gates work safely and effectively.

  • easy to maintain
  • simple installation
  • ease of access
  • cost effective
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Darwin Security - Underground Operators

Underground operators

Housing the electrical equipment underground ensures it is safe from vandalism or tampering. It is also aesthetically pleasing.

  • electrics are secure
  • vandal proof
  • tamper proof
  • visually pleasing
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Darwin Security - Low Voltage Systems

Low voltage systems

The majority of automated gates we install operate on low voltage systems. This has a number of advantages including:

  • less power usage
  • cheaper to run
  • can operate off a battery back up
  • in some cases can run off solar panels
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Darwin Security - Control Integration

Control integration

We offer a number of options for access control with your new gates from a simple remote transmitter through to video entry systems which are controlled from the premises.

  • control who enters and leaves your premises
  • greater security
  • peace of mind
  • options for all budgets
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Darwin Security - Safety Devices Fully Compliant

Safety devices fully compliant

All our automated gates are designed to the highest standards and to meet all the current standards and legislation governing their operation. All of our automated gates utilize the most advanced safety protection devices in order to prevent any crushing, shearing or trapping. Our professional installers take safety very seriously and ensure all installations are carried out to the highest specifications.

  • fitted by experts
  • compliant with all European legislation
  • compliant with all current machinery directives
  • highest quality products used
  • all work guaranteed
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Darwin Security - Fire Drop Key Switch

Fire drop key switch

These switches are designed to be fitted to commercial premises to enable the emergency services to gain access in the event of an emergency.

  • easy access in event of fire
  • used by all fire departments
  • easy to install
  • saves valuable time
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Darwin Security - Light Use Barriers

Light Use barriers

These barriers are ideal in situations where you wish to control access to a car park or commercial premises but where traffic flow is not high.

  • excellent value for money
  • ideal for controlling access
  • easy to install
  • minimum maintenance
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Darwin Security - Heavy Duty Barriers

Heavy duty barriers

Designed to withstand very heavy usage these barriers are ideal for warehouses, lorry depots and sites with a high volume of traffic movement. They are robust and durable and are operated by hydraulics making them extremely efficient and reliable. They can be manned from a security point or by the driver using a variety of different means including an remote transmitter, access control card, access control fob or audio/video entry system.

  • robust and durable
  • choice of operating systems
  • extremely reliable
  • easy to operate
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Darwin Security - Manual Barriers

Manual barriers

An excellent value for money option when electronic control is not required. This could include entry to areas where identification needs to be checked or visitors need to be briefed.

  • simple installation
  • no maintenance
  • no running costs
  • simple access control
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Darwin Security - Interlocking Systems

Interlocking systems

Interlocking systems control two or more electronically locked doors and only allow one door to be unlocked at a time. Additional doors will not unlock until all the other doors are locked and secure.

  • control access to sensitive areas
  • for use with up to four doors
  • can be integrated with CCTV cameras
  • effective security
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Darwin Security - Turnstiles


Turnstiles are an excellent option when you wish to restrict access to your premises. They can be operated by tokens, swipe cards or electronic passes. They can also be used to monitor the number of people entering the building and are great for security personnel because they ensure people pass through in single file making monitoring easier.

  • variety of uses
  • restricts access
  • helps security staff monitor individuals
  • cost effective
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Darwin Security - Manual & Automated Bollards

Manual and automated bollards

Bollards have a variety of functions from acting as barriers in car parks and in front of buildings to restricting access to public areas such as parks or pedestrianised precincts. We offer a wide choice of materials and finishes and all our automated bollards comply with European legislation.

  • manual bollards
  • automated bollards (including telescopic)
  • make effective barriers
  • choice of design
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