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CCTV is the fastest growing sector within all security applications. Statistics point to major reductions in the amount of crime being committed where CCTV cameras have been installed. This is why so many see CCTV systems as the best form of crime prevention and crime detection. We provide a complete range of services in this field and will design a system for you based on your individual requirements.

Darwin Security - Analogue CCTV

Analogue CCTV

Still the most cost effective CCTV option at the moment, analogue cameras are highly developed and can be used in almost any setting. They provide good picture quality and just their presence on a building is often enough to deter unwelcome visitors. Images are recorded and stored on robust hard drives located within digital video recorders.

  • excellent value
  • great picture quality
  • simple to use
  • images can be viewed remotely
  • visible deterrent
Darwin Security - IP CCTV Systems

IP CCTV systems

This latest technology works by converting CCTV images and audio into data which is then transmitted over a network or Internet connection to the network video recorder. The data can then be viewed as high quality images over the internet, on a PC/network video recorder or even on a mobile phone.

  • utilizes existing network infrastructure
  • superb quality images
  • images can be viewed remotely
  • offers flexibility to user
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Darwin Security - HD-SDI CCTV Systems, Hi Definition CCTV

HD SDI CCTV systems, Hi Definition CCTV

HD SDI stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface and in layman’s terms means it provides a high definition quality image. This system is ideal for completely new installations and upgrading existing analogue systems.

  • same quality picture as HD TV
  • easier identification of individuals
  • latest technology
  • easy to operate
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Darwin Security - Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV

In some instances a wireless CCTV system is the only viable option to install due to varying site & location factors. Wireless CCTV systems have moved forward considerably over the past few years and are now almost as robust and reliable as hardwired CCTV systems. Wireless CCTV systems can be extremely cost effective to install due to the requirements for substantial ground works being omitted.

  • A wide range of wireless options available
  • expert advice on what would be best for you
  • expert installation
  • systems to suit all budgets
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Darwin Security - Fibre Optic CCTV Systems

Fibre Optic CCTV systems

Fibre optic CCTV provides a way of transmitting images without any image degradation over vast and almost unlimited distances. Dependant on system type Fibre optic uses either light or laser pulses rather than electrical signals to transmit images and therefore does not suffer from any of the interference or distance restrictions that traditional CCTV can sometimes experience.

  • excellent picture quality
  • no interference
  • almost unlimited distances
  • excellent for coverage of large areas
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Darwin Security - CCTV and Video Analytics Systems

Video analytic systems

Video analytics is an advanced tool which allows the CCTV system to intelligently identify potentially suspicious activity. By using a complex programme of rules and algorithms the system is able to screen out non-critical movement such as adverse weather or a change in lighting.

  • reduce false alarms
  • focus on real incidents
  • intelligent identification of suspicious activity
  • excellent quality images
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Darwin Security - Automatic Incident Detection Systems

Automatic incident detection systems

Mainly used on the highways and in tunnels AID systems use a number of high frequency radar transmitters to scan for obstacles. If anything suspicious is detected the system raises an alarm at a central location. It is able to register the exact location and type of problem as well as recording an image of the incident.

  • exact & detailed information
  • saves valuable time
  • negates the need to monitor multiple cameras
  • enables quick response
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Darwin Security - Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

ANPR systems

Many businesses use Automatic Number Plate Recognition to control staff & visitor vehicular access to and from their premises. It is a highly visible and effective access control solution.

  • reduce costs
  • improve security
  • single control interface
  • easy to use
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Darwin Security - Full Integrated CCTV, Intruder and Access Control Systems

Fully integrated CCTV, intruder and access control systems

For complete peace of mind CCTV, intruder and access control systems can be designed to work as a single system with a single control interface. The data from various products – including CCTV cameras, alarms and access control doors - can be pulled together to provide superior, active monitoring and reporting.

  • reduce costs
  • improve security
  • single control panel
  • easy to use
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Darwin Security - Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras

PTZ cameras are versatile cameras which give the user the ability to Pan, Tilt & Zoom. These functions can be used to follow an individual or vehicle by moving the camera in the desired direction and zooming in on the subject.

  • increases chances of identification
  • versatile
  • simple to operate
  • good coverage
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Darwin Security - Vandal Resistant Cameras

Vandal resistant cameras

For cameras which are situated in public areas it is important they cannot be tampered with. We offer a wide range of vandal resistant cameras which can be mounted at high level making them difficult to reach. Dome cameras also make it difficult for individuals to know which way the actual camera is pointing making it a great deterrent.

  • robust design
  • IR night vision available
  • excellent deterrent
  • high level mounting to avoid tampering
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Darwin Security - Redeployable Cameras

Redeployable cameras

For short-term surveillance we provide redeployable cameras which can be moved to different locations quickly and easily. These cameras are great for events at which security is required but not on a permanent basis.

  • rapidly deployable
  • great coverage
  • easily moved to different locations
  • excellent image quality
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Darwin Security - Static Cameras

Static cameras

For specific surveillance areas or potential weak spots static cameras are the best option. Focused on one specific area – such as a door or entrance barrier – there is no danger of the camera recording images elsewhere whilst an incident is taking place.

  • ideal for vulnerable areas
  • constant 24/7 surveillance
  • excellent value<
  • peace of mind
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Darwin Security - Covert Cameras

Covert cameras

You don’t always want your surveillance to be known about. At Darwin Security we offer a variety of covert cameras which are hidden and can unobtrusively record images at either your home or your business.

  • unobtrusive
  • easy to use
  • great picture quality
  • ideal for personal surveillance
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Darwin Security - Mobile Cameras

Mobile cameras

When you need to record images on the move we have a selection of lightweight, unobtrusive cameras.

  • great picture quality
  • lightweight
  • unobtrusive
  • ideal for personal use
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Darwin Security - Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring

For complete peace of mind our remote monitoring systems enable you to log-in and monitor your home or business 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Images can be relayed via the Internet to PCs, tablets or mobile smart phones.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • access from anywhere in the world
  • peace of mind
  • easy to use
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