Darwin Security Access Control

Access control

Access control is an essential component in today’s security conscious working environment. It has the potential to be as simple or as fully integrated as the client requires. Access control provides security by giving manageable control over who is allowed to enter and exit your building and when. Access control will significantly improve the security of your staff, building and assets. We provide a complete range of services in this sector and will design a system for you based on your individual requirements.

Darwin Security - Stand Alone Access Control

Stand alone access control

A standalone access control system which can be used on single or multiple doors. These units are standalone but have the potential to be connected to a network and hosted by a PC. They include a memory which can hold over 60000 store many users in the form of a keypad code or proximity access control card. The external units are designed to be robust, vandal proof and weather resistant.

  • can limit movement around a building
  • can be networked to create a large scale system
  • control up to 2000 doors
  • integrate with proximity, contactless smart card and biometric readers
  • elevator control
  • interface with intruder, fire and CCTV systems
Darwin Security - Large scale access control

Large scale access control

Ideal for the medium to larger scale enterprises which can be used for more than one site such as a chain of retail units, hospitals, educational facilities or even offices in different countries. This flexible system can be used to control car park barriers, all building entry points, elevators as well as interface with your existing intruder, fire and CCTV systems.

The door controllers are capable of managing anything from hundreds to tens of thousands of users.

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Darwin Security - Multiple tenants

Multiple tenants

Suitable for apartments buildings which require multiple intercoms and office buildings with various access points and departments. These units are available with audio only or audio and video systems allowing tenants to view and monitor entry points.

Designed to be reliable, vandal and weather resistant with a night vision display and high resolution screen.

  • audio only or audio and visual availability
  • illuminated night time display
  • vandal resistant
  • weather resistant
  • suitable for apartment and office buildings
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Darwin Security - Biometric Readers

Biometric readers

Biometric readers are an increasingly popular choice for access control providing a highly effective solution to control those gaining access to your property.

These systems provide an unparalleled level of security, excellent value for money and are quick, simple and efficient to use.

  • vandal resistant
  • cost-effective
  • high user capacity
  • reliable
  • for internal and external use
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Darwin Security - Long Range Receivers & Transmitters

Long range receivers and transmitters

Transmitters can be used for a variety of purposes including gate entry or barrier control. They can also be used for the activation of external lighting and the operation of motorised roller shutters, blinds or awnings. Transmitters can be utilized externally or internally.

  • can be installed alongside existing access control systems
  • simplifies access control
  • great for staff car parks
  • ideal for private garages
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Darwin Security - Remote Monitoring & Web Access

Remote monitoring and web access

Remote monitoring is a great way to keep tabs on who is entering and exiting your premises at any given time remotely. You can monitor building events, view reports and manage users on a system – all you need is an internet connection.

The system can be accessed via a web browser or specialised iPhone apps, which means it is not necessary to be at the central server PC to monitor events, the system can be administered from anywhere.

  • view live reports
  • manage users on a system
  • cost-effective
  • access remotely
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Darwin Security - Time and Attendance

Time and attendance

A time and attendance system not only gives you control over people accessing your premises but also enables you to monitor employees attendance, time keeping and hours worked. The information collected can be directly used in a payroll environment.

  • increases security
  • provides valuable employee information
  • simple to use
  • reduces payroll time and costs
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Darwin Security - CCTV Integration

CCTV integration

Rather than simply having a standalone CCTV system many companies are now integrating them into their access control systems. The cameras can be operated by IT, security or human resources staff and can monitor and control all access control locations giving a superior level of security.

  • monitor preset locations
  • immediate access to video playback
  • greater security
  • enables staff monitoring
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Darwin Security - ANPR Integration

ANPR integration

Many businesses use Automatic Number Plate Recognition to control vehicle access and monitor visitors to their premises. It is a highly visible and effective access control solution.

  • reduce manpower costs
  • control access to secure areas
  • integrate with automated barrier and gate systems
  • visible security
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Darwin Security - Audio and Video Entry Integration

Audio and video entry integration

Offering greater peace of mind these systems allow users to not only hear who is to trying to access their property but also to see the individual concerned. They are ideal for both residential and commercial clients particularly those who do not have visual access to the main entrance.

  • vandal resistant
  • weather resistant
  • high quality images
  • simple to use
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Darwin Security - interlocks


Interlocks are used to restrict access or control entry to certain areas. They can be used to keep all doors closed but unlocked and when a door is opened the others are locked or alternatively all doors can be kept closed and locked and the interlock is used to open one specific door.

  • can be used with any type of lock
  • can be configured to users’ requirements
  • simple to operate
  • ideal for high secure/holding areas
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Darwin Security - Input / Output Modules

Input/output modules

These are products which enable signals to pass between different items of equipment including alarm systems, lift controls, CCTV cameras, internal and external lighting.

  • control internal & external lighting
  • for lift control, alarm systems, CCTV cameras
  • time zone controlled
  • easily installed
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Darwin Security - Cards, Fobs & Accessories

Cards, fobs and accessories

Many of the access control systems we install require accessories and as part of our on-going commitment to customer service we can fulfil all of your pre installation and post installation requirements.

  • proximity fobs & cards
  • magnetic swipe cards
  • contactless smart cards
  • mifare cards
  • radio transmitters
  • card accessories
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Darwin Security - Card Supply & Printing

Card supply and printing

As part of our comprehensive customer service we supply and print identification cards. With our access to a wide range of security providers this reduces the cost and workload for clients.

  • staff identification cards
  • visitor identification cards
  • excellent value
  • wide choice
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